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I have lived in Dubai for 7 years and in that time have experienced motherhood and juggling the challenges of moving to a new country.  My passion for using various home and herbal remedies and alternative methods to alleviate issues be it physical or emotional slowly emerged during this time and was used as a coping mechanism during difficult periods. I was determined to treat my children as naturally as possible when illness was prone and I used Ayurvedic remedies passed down by my grandparents from when I was a small child to treat them with it.


Ayurveda was what catapulted my interest in holistic healing methods. I have always taken a keen interest in how it has a simple effect on our minds and bodies and finding ways to heal our bodies naturally. I enjoy yoga and meditation and endured my first spiritual encounter at a gong sound meditation session.  I went on to use the tools provided at these sessions to channel light energy to calm my mind and found that in doing so I was seeing a positive effect on my health and well-being. As a result I was advised by family members to explore Reiki and went from patient to becoming qualified to be able to treat others myself.


I am an intuitive healer and lightworker. I am a qualified Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Practitioner, based in Dubai. The healing modalities I use are non-diagnostic, non-interventionist and non-manipulative making them entirely safe to use in all situations.

by Komal

The treatment of Reiki promotes healing, relaxation, tension release and well-being.


People often come to me for help with the following issues:


  • stress & anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • grief

  • trauma

  • lack of energy

  • joint & muscle pain

  • high blood pressure

  • recovery from illness or operations

  • loss of direction


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