Our story & vision

Soul Space was born in 2018, out of the passion of three Dubai Ladies who all had the same vision - we want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. The three of us have very different educational and cultural backgrounds, yet we come together with the unifying goal of creating a village of support, right here in Dubai.

At Soul Space, we believe in treating the whole person - The Mind, the Body and the Spirit - in order to bring balance and happiness to the community around us. We are judgment-free, we welcome community members from all walks of life, and we aim to provide services that are unique to your needs. 

We aim to build and empower a vibrant community in a safe space, allowing everyone to authentically lead a lighter and more optimistic life through personal development in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Soul Space's vision is to become the most thriving, vibrant and inclusive well-being community in the UAE. 


Our Team

Komal Patel

Reiki Practitioner

I am a Reiki Practitioner, avid collector of crafting goods and home remedy concoctor.

Kate Sheikh

Yoga and mindful eating for the whole family 

I am a Yoga Teacher, passionate about coffee and bad TV shows! 

Sarah Babiker

Positive Psychology Life Coach

I am a Positive Psychology Life Coach. I love sushi, dark chocolate, and dancing to old-school tunes! 


The Feathers

We have chosen the symbol of three feathers to guide you through our work.  Different coloured feathers have different meanings and messages. 

In our case, the Green, Red and Purple Feathers symbolise the Mind, Body and the Spirit, respectively. 

Green Feather


The green feather symbolises love, healing, prosperity, growth, and success. It is also the colour of our heart chakra.

Red Feather


The red feather symbolises life force, physical vitality, energy, strength, and courage. It is also the colour of our root chakra.

Purple Feather


The purple feather symbolises universal consciousness, deep spirituality, and higher thought. It is also the colour of our crown chakra. 


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