Do you want to strengthen your family relationships?

Are you feeling confused about your child's behaviours?

Do you want guidance with your parenting goals?

Are you a new parent, feeling unsure of 'who you are'?

Becoming a parent is the beginning of a life-long relationship.  Any relationship needs investment in many forms in order to grow and thrive - emotionally, mentally, and physically (sleepless nights, anyone?!).  Sometimes, the behaviours we would like to change, or the short-term goals we would like to achieve, are a product of more deep-rooted imbalances in the parental relationship.  A tantrum over the same thing over and over could be a product of sleep imbalance, and wanting your child to achieve a specific milestone could be a product of imbalance in your own life.  Whatever your family situation, I will guide you to create parenting and family balance on a deeper level.

I will listen to your family story, your concerns, and your goals in an initial virtual or face-to-face consultation.  Based on this conversation of connection, we will create a tailor-made plan together that includes some, or all, of the following tools, depending on your family's values and preferences:

  • Behaviour Analysis

  • Child Development Information

  • Coaching for Identity as a Parent

  • Yoga for Children and Parents

  • General Child Nutrition Information

  • Mindfulness for Children and Parents

Even before they master the art of language, children communicate for example, by crying or smiling or shouting.  In my parent coaching, this is a core understanding that certain behaviour management tools will be suggested on the basis of.  I will not suggest any tools or approaches that involve ignoring a child's mode of communication, or contributing to their feelings of isolation by 'singling' them out.  The parent-child relationship is one of mutual respect, and involves a willingness to evolve as a parent.

Throughout the length of your chosen package, there will be weekly in-person or virtual check-ins, to discuss progress and obstacles, and re-adjust your goals accordingly.  At the end of your package, we will have a final session to ensure you are feeling confident about carrying forward your strengthened family relationships.

What You Get

  • Initial Connection Session

  • Tailor-made Plan

  • Weekly Check-In Session

  • Continued 1:1 Support via Phone and Email

  • Access to private Facebook Support Group with Other Parents



4 virtual or face-to-face sessions

Personalized parenting plan

Continuous support

Access to FB support group

AED 2,000


6 virtual or face-to-face sessions

Personalized parenting plan

Continuous support

Access to FB support group

AED 2,700


8 virtual or face-to-face sessions 

Personalized parenting plan

Continuous support

Access to FB support group

AED 3,400



In The



10% discount for your child on one of our 'In The Moment' programmes designed to guide your child to achieve self-confidence, resilience, and connection

Reiki for



Discounted price on Reiki sessions for your child.


I contacted Sarah last year prior to the inception of Soul Space. While she was focusing on setting up her business she took the time out of her hectic schedule to answer any questions I had. She even requested very thorough and descriptive narratives of my history raising my children. I had queries on how to foster a calmer environment for my young son and to infuse mindfulness in our daily routine. she guided me to various sources and I try to practice many of those skills. 

I look forward to partaking in further activities hosted by Sarah and the Soul Space team in the Future. 

- Sally Y, mother to a 4-year-old


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