Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing using energy to balance the body and mind.

Rei translates to spiritual wisdom

Ki translates to life energy

It is often referred to as universal life energy and is a technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is carried out by placing hands on or over a person with the intent of channelling Reiki.

The treatment of Reiki promotes healing, relaxation, tension release and well-being.


People often come to me for help with the following issues:


  • stress & anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • grief

  • trauma

  • lack of energy

  • joint & muscle pain

  • high blood pressure

  • recovery from illness or operations

  • loss of direction


We are alive because of life energy, 'Ki' flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras and meridians and can also be present and pass directly through the organs and tissues of the body. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura.

Well-being is down to free and balanced flow of healthy Ki. Ki nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When the flow of healthy Ki is disrupted, it dwindles the function of organs and tissues of the physical body.

Ki is also responsible for thoughts and feelings. When we have positive thoughts we increase the flow of Ki. When we have negative thoughts, our Ki is once again disrupted and we do not feel good, thus disrupting the flow of healthy Ki leading to us prone to illnesses.

A Reiki session usually takes place with the client lying down, or sitting, in a comfortable peaceful environment. No clothing is removed as Reiki energy passes easily through all materials, including plaster casts.

The practitioner places their hands gently on or over the body of the the client allowing the Reiki energy to flow from their hands. At no point are hands placed in any personal areas and a completely hands-off treatment is just as effective should the client prefer this. At the end of the session a state of relaxation and peace is often felt by the client.

Reiki has been known to reduce inflammation, speed up the healing of broken bones and other injuries, as well as bringing a sense of well being.


The healing methods I use are non-diagnostic, non-invasive and non-directive making them entirely safe to use in all situations. Treatments promote relaxation and general well-being and my clients often experience improved sleep, reduced anxiety and an increase in energy levels after their treatments.


A typical session lasts 60-90 minutes, I also email post-treatment notes after each session.


If travel is difficult, there is the option of distance healing. Distance healing treatments last the same time and cost the same. I can also travel to you, this comes at an additional cost of AED100.




Your initial introductory 60 Minute treatment is 250AED


AED 250



60 Minutes sessions are 350AED.


AED 350


20 minute sessions for children are from 125AED.


AED 125


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