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The Yoga Teacher Collective Dubai 

Founded by Kate Sheikh from Soul Space and Leila Hiebendahl from PYN Fitness in 2019, The Yoga Teacher Collective is a community group aimed at Yoga Teachers of all levels in the UAE; an invitation to get together on a monthly basis, build a community, to learn from each other, from experts and with each other. We want to help you find your feet and voice in the yoga world in Dubai and advance your skills as a teacher. 

We know it can daunting to start out and being a yoga teacher can sometimes be a lonely place (we've been there!). Where do you go post your training with your questions and concerns, and to continue learning right on your door step? Where can you learn more about sequencing, meditation and what oh what should you do if a pregnant woman walks into your class?

The Yoga Teacher Collective is here for you to make new friends, share experiences and to support you on your journey to becoming the best teacher you can be.  

We hold monthly gatherings where we get together, practice some yoga (lead by any of our participants if they would like to introduce us to their style!), learn about topics such as assisting in class, how to project your voice across a large room or how to build a class surrounding props. Most importantly we get to mingle and meet like-minded yoga teachers to collaborate with, cover your classes or go on that next yoga retreat with! 

If you would like to join us and keep up to date with our monthly gatherings, do follow our social media channels and sign up to the private Facebook group. All we want to know from you to join this group is four things: What style of yoga do you teach? Where do you live? Why do you teach yoga? And most importantly: Do you want to leave with more friends than you came with?

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