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The Soul Space Team

We bring elements of Positive Psychology Life Coaching, Yoga and Reiki, together in order to increase well-being, reduce stress and encourage a healthy outlook on life. Next to team-building and goal-setting exercises, we also include hands-on coping strategies for common stressful situations. 

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Be Your Happiness

Sarah Babiker - Positive Psychology Life Coach, Children's Yoga & Meditation Instructor & Co-Founder

The COPE model is followed in a 60-minute taster workshop, aimed at helping attendees gain clarity on their values and aspirations, put manageable plans in place for their life goals and to overcome challenges, and to foster a growth mindset.

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The Soul Space Team

What even is Mindfulness? Another buzz word that has come along, sometimes it is hard to even know what people are talking about anymore. In this workshop, we introduce you to the concept of mindfulness, as well as giving you practical tips and tools on how to incorporate it in your daily life, including mindful eating, mindful relationships and mindful breathing. 


Mindful Eating

Kate Sheikh - Yoga Instructor, Mindful Eating Expert, & Co-Founder

Mindful Eating works. Where 85% of traditional diets fail, Mindful Eating changes your relationship with food, turning it from enemy to friend. This workshop introduces you to the concept of Mindful Eating and gives practical tools and tips on how to start your journey to a balanced lifestyle without counting calories.

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Sarah Babiker - Positive Psychology Life Coach, Children's Yoga & Meditation Instructor, & Co-Founder

In this 1.5-2 hour workshop, we look at the research in positive psychology, particularly that on happiness.  We explore how happy everyone is now, and what they can do to have happier lives in a sustained way.  We use guided visualization to get in touch with our preferred futures and discuss specific steps to take that will get everyone on their way towards that best life.

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